Commotion 😌

Excuse me if

The light in my soul, ⛯

The warmth in my heart, ♥

The space in my brain, 🧠

The breeze of the internity, 🍃

The cloud of my thoughts, 💭

The falling flowers of the season, 🌸

Weren’t wishing to exist. 🙏

Go On Read It

Been long.. Been nasty.. Been confused.. Been crazy.. Been sad.. Been happy.. N dot dot.. We have actually been everything. Am I right?

Naahh..We are humans !! we live to discover things. If we already found everything, scientists would have taken retirement and would be enjoying with their families instead of starving for proofs to our existence. And we commoners will know what delicious dish karma is bringing for us next.

My point is whatever it was !!! it was great. Isn’t it? We made it at least to this point.

It’s just been too long,

So why don’t we smile? Let it grow in you.

Smile (tada 🙃🤪)

Practical Version 1.1

I don’t really understand biology, so i don’t really know what or how some people are made or created. Dude, ek ladki rehti hai and you say that you like her or love her what so ever your feeling is, before you approach her i am so sure you will tell your friends about what you think about her until they get tired of listening to it, fir wo log finally tera setting kara denge and your sorted.

And months/years later ( q ki kisi kisi ki chal ja tha hai saalo thak)

Ab tu apni sad story dost log ko sunayega and one will be like “bhai tere saat galat hua hai yaar”, dusra will be like “bhai saali ki itni himat”, and next “bhai dono ki galti hai issme, but leave girls are like this only use and throw waale type hai ye sab unko bas paisa sai mtlb hai”. Ab tu bole ga ya rohyega ki bhai wo bohut irritating thi yaar, so possessive, so dramatic, itna pampering krna paad tha hai ye ladki log ko etc..,

Ab mera question ye hai ki tumlogo ko itni hi problem hai ladki log se toh date hi q krna hai ? when you can’t bare her drama don’t create one by dating her as simple as that.

You actually have damn guts to tell your friends how irritating your ex was, but can you just go tell that on her face ? Instead of just smiling back at her when she smiles at you. You talk as if you own the world and she is a beggar. Dude you have spent atleast days with that same person your right now talking about. Okay you feel irritated ki she is texting you or calling you or just being behind you all the time, then tell her that you don’t want her being behind you and just end it and make sure she understands. Ignoring her doesn’t teach her the next step.

This is important, ignoring her text or calls doesn’t make you a hero after break up or some random role model to people out there going through this shit and same goes for the girls who talks about guys as if they have dated all the guys in this world and especially who states “boys are boys” behen that doesn’t define anything.

Want to live ?. Then do it with practical thinking. See, you left people or people left you that does not matter q ki apne apne reasons rehte hai nai toh then you are one time-pass person, ab what matters is what kinda impression you leave on them.

You don’t actually own anyone or owe to anyone, if you are with someone just because you think he/she is yours for life time, sorry to disappoint you because he/she will surely make mistakes and they will be a time where you will disown them and your life time dream is over and boom your awake or if you are with someone just because he/she has done so much for relationship to go on. Dude you are just wasting your time and that person’s too, first of all you least have interest in it because if you do so then your efforts would have told that.

Don’t hurt someone thinking your trying your best, best is when your efforts are equal from the beginning.

Molding a person like the way you want isn’t love, everyone’s way of expressing love is different. If that person WANTS tobe like the way you want then he/she surely will be, so stop manipulating.

“Don’t take the tools into your hand when you are not the carpenter. Because, only he can make what he is thinking of “.


Capability- an empty box

Capability is like a invisible empty box given to us which you can fill it and empty it anytime you want. what did you fill it with..? ,,. Is it love, laughter, patience, happiness, strong-will, boldness, hurt, pain, emotions, sentiments, feelings, ego, pride, self-lessness, trustworthy, faithful, loyal etc ,,. you can either store them in it or leave it the way it was given to you.

Its always up-to you what shit you want to do or what goodness you want to bring out, you might even screw up wanting to do both. Filling that box might take time, but trust me emptying it won’t take seconds. You can loss it when your being tested, its only about how you save your powers in that tiny little invisible box from being taken away.

When you say you are done with life and people, and you start to run away from your emotions, feelings, your pain, your hurt just because you want a well living feeling-less life, i am sorry but your life is nothing without that empty box being filled. Your guilt and uncomfortable feelings are required for being what your truly born off. If you emptied your box fill it back, those are worth your life and remember your heart can only decide what your capable of.

By your power a guilty can be forgiven or forgotten.

what are you capable of ..?


Lets say i am fine with moving on, does it mean i gave up ? does it mean i don’t care ? does it mean, it is not going to bother me any more?

Seems like google got an answer for this as well. Google says,”Moving on in a relationship/situation means to live your life without thinking of that person/anything constantly, to not be sad about the end of the relationship, or to not think about what you could have done differently or what the relationship “could have been.” well said .

But i got a different answer though, i say think as much as you can and don’t forget to question your thoughts as they are the ways to your answers. The more you question it, that many answers will fall into place. Never stop thinking because those are the roots to what you are looking for. Your thoughts can be of anything but make sure you get your answers on your own. Your answers will become your strength .

Be sad and miserable, but know one thing that you can always light it up one day again knowing all your worst and wonderful scenarios belong together. Do not ignore anyone or anything, just because you want to move on, that is not called moving on at all. Think wisely take a step like no other would do, make a move like no other would have. Move on confidently without giving up. Let it bother you, everything gets back to its position once it has severed its purpose. Every step and Every move belongs to you how and where you want to take yourself is on to you

Find the worst and make it right for the next time that’s Moving On {smile :)}

Truly (just about 2k18)

I got one thing right in this damn shitty year ‘NEVER RETURN BACK TO PEOPLE WHO LEFT YOU FOR NO REASON’ . Well, right or wrong truly you are not the person i want to become.

They say “your not the only one having troubles“, and i replied”i just look out for myself “,you cant blame that.


You will be blamed, you will be tested, you will be lost, you will be ignored and finally, you will give up to find peace between all the ways you walk even after knowing the ways are not same anymore. The colorful streets,beautiful view, finest people around, wonderful souls to share your hilarious jokes are distant. But yet you continue to live that’s hope.

Karma works it’s way and you surely cant stop it, so : Accept it or give up:.

Life happened tobe a very not great journey

yet i hope to live another day


Over and over again

“It felt like heaven was tearing me apart”.

Life isn’t what you expect, its overwhelming at times, hardens your path gives you no choice but a single way to live and that is just ‘LIVE‘ nothing more, no reasons to survive, no one to hold on, no one to kneel on.

It’s ok to be at war with yourself than others,because what you want to hear is in your heart not in someone else’s heart. You actually know what you want and what you want to do with this life, you don’t need someone to explain it to you.

God is gracious to give you and me that much wisdom to survive and chose what is right for us. He doesn’t just leave you wondering here in world, you know much more than you can notice around, you are meant tobe a gift and live like a gift with no pride, no ego but with patience and care.

To be found you have to find and keep finding OVER AND OVER AGAIN till your found.

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